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· 7 min read
Cory Cunningham

Time to collect all the nectar around,
Foraged with your hexapod crew,
Take it back to the hive,
Where from there you'll derive,
A honey as sweet as moon dew.

Then take it all down to the buzz-ling market,
You'll sell it to creatures you meet.
Your sales will soon rocket,
With new coin in your pocket,
Since your product is a decadent treat.

· 8 min read
Cory Cunningham

Captain's log, star date: 22:56Z5G. It started as a normal solar cycle but something has since happened to my crewmates. One of them randomly took my badge and demanded that I start calling him “Captain” because he had “the biggest rocket”, or something strange like that. That definitely made me uncomfortable. He then proceeded to start handing out tasks for each of us to do and told us not to talk while we carry out our tasks unless we wanted to use our one “talkie token”. Not sure what has gotten into him, but one thing is for sure. We have yet to see this planet we have set out for and if we don't find a sign pointing to this cause soon, I fear “talkie tokens” might be the least of our worries.

· 11 min read
Cory Cunningham

Introducing himself with a confident demeanor, the young knight humbly begs of you to, “Please potion seller, make me your strongest potion.” You look back at him. Trying to keep your shakes under control. You attempt to stay his request by explaining how he wouldn't be able to handle your strongest potion but nevertheless he persists.

You fumble a bit as you reach for your bag of ingredients. You know the potion you have brewed is indeed strong but you know of another potion that, with a few more key ingredients, would make your potion worth all the rubies in the land. You also know that in your bag there is one key ingredient that will make such a potion completely unstable. You're so shaken with fear that you don't even remember which one though.

You reach into your bag, grab hold of an ingredient that seems familiar enough. You hold it over the bubbling cauldron in front of you and before you release, you whisper to yourself… “here goes nothing.”

· 5 min read
Cory Cunningham

It's a breezy day in your little town. The air is crisp, and you're on your way to your favorite burger stand. You walk in, raise your hand to say hey to Marcus, so he can get started on your double bacon cheeseburger, but something stops you. Marcus isn't there. Some other person is there and waving back at you awkwardly. You step back outside to make sure you're in the right place. It's a burger shop for sure, but then you look to your left.

Your eyes widen. You then look to your right. There are burger shops on either side. And more next to those ones.

You step back further.

All you see down the road is the exact same burger shop... hope you're hungry.

· 7 min read
Cory Cunningham

It's early in the morning. The sun has barely risen. The smell of cheap coffee fills your nostrils. You are already ready for the first day at your new job. A nice sharp tie from your grandma last Christmas, and a new, clean and freshly pressed, button down to match your orange caution vest and scuff free work boots. You grab your packed lunch from the fridge and you're off!

Arriving to the jobsite, your new hardhat fits a little too snug but it's okay, it keeps you safe and you can adjust it later. You walk into the modular building where you're greeted by your fellow foremen and forewomen and a group of old people who are holding sleek black binders labeled "City Plans" and behind them you glance at a sketch of a beautiful mint green sign with red letters that says "Welcome to your perfect home".