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My name is Cory Cunningham. Nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to stumble upon my humble site. With this site I wanted to create a space in the board gaming world where I feel like there was a void.

I know there are many board game review sites and channels on YouTube that teach you board games but I feel like there is room to grow here. Yes, this site is for you if you're wanting to learn to play a game, but it's more than that (hopefully!). I want to help you teach board games to others.

Why I Love Reviewers

I feel like board game reviewers often do a great job of giving you a run down of what it's going to take to set up the game. They help you understand a board game's mechanics, and what it might feel like to play and may even give you a few tips and tricks.

All of this, though, is a way for many people to find out if they want to then decide to make a purchase.

What I Hope to Add

I'm hoping to bridge the gap a bit when it comes to "learning the rules"/"how to set up" and the question every board gamer asks themselves after they finish reading the rulebook to their newest game, "How am I going to teach this to my friends and family?".

I want to create content for those looking to simply learn how to play new board games or the avid gamer who might prefer reading the rulebook themselves but might have trouble communicating the goals and play of the game to their in-laws and why they "would love it if they just tried"!

All the Resources!

For starters, with each entry I'm hoping to have a simple guide to how to teach a specific board game. My hope is to give you an outline on here but also pair that with a PDF that (if you wanted to) you could print out to keep in the board game box. I want to provide this so (1) you don't have to come back here to read back up on how to teach the game, (2) it will hopefully have a list of which pieces to use in setting up the game that will then help with the teach, and (3) board game cafes could pop them into the games they have on their shelves for those would might find it useful.

I love board games and nothing pains me more than having a game that takes just a long to pull all the components out of the box and pack them back up as it does playing the game. Plus, there are not many things that will intimidate someone when learning a new game then watching you take 20 minutes to set up a game. In my honest opinion, set up time should be exponentially shorter than teaching the game. Another resource I'm hoping to provide are PDF cut-sheets like this one I made for Root (+ expansions). So, if I'm able and I feel it needs it, I will have a PDF that you should be able to print and use to cut foam core or wood or whatever material you like to create a helpful insert.

Here Goes Nothing

As for now, I will be working through my personal collection of games. If you have a request or question you can either email me or put a comment on a donation all of which go towards maintaining this site and buying new games. If you want to read up on how I'm going to go about buying new games check out this other post.

If you've made it this far, thank you. I am new at sharing my thoughts and opinions online but I hope I can at least help you get your favorite games to the table. (see what I did there 😃)

- Cory