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· 11 min read
Cory Cunningham

Introducing himself with a confident demeanor, the young knight humbly begs of you to, “Please potion seller, make me your strongest potion.” You look back at him. Trying to keep your shakes under control. You attempt to stay his request by explaining how he wouldn't be able to handle your strongest potion but nevertheless he persists.

You fumble a bit as you reach for your bag of ingredients. You know the potion you have brewed is indeed strong but you know of another potion that, with a few more key ingredients, would make your potion worth all the rubies in the land. You also know that in your bag there is one key ingredient that will make such a potion completely unstable. You're so shaken with fear that you don't even remember which one though.

You reach into your bag, grab hold of an ingredient that seems familiar enough. You hold it over the bubbling cauldron in front of you and before you release, you whisper to yourself… “here goes nothing.”